CrossFit Stone Towers is the leading functional movement workout space in Canterbury.

Head coach Ross Johnson is a qualified level 1 CrossFit trainer and a ten year Royal Marine Commando.

The military ethos is infused into the daily classes, they are progressive, relevant, and you will be pushed. Focusing on a steady improvement of your overall strength and mobility.

We will build your 'engine' allowing you to push yourself for longer and harder. You will rapidly notice a marked increase in your overall fitness.

The classes are friendly, social and most importantly fun, with a highly supportive group essence.

We pride ourselves on our strong community spirit at CrossFit Stone Towers where everyone, at every fitness level, is welcome.  


Everything you do in every class is designed around the way your body should move. Functional, full body movements are in, isolation exercises are out. We want your body to work to the best of its ability, the way it was designed to.




By operating the workouts in small groups, we offer a near personal training experience for the cost of a regular gym. 

With everyone working through the same workout at the same time, the camaraderie and support of your classmates will spur you on to push yourself beyond your limits.


We have a great community spirit at CrossFit Stone Towers.  We are a social group that is very welcoming of new members, and you are certain to make new friends. CrossFit community is about like-minded people, of all ages, from absolute beginner to competitive Crossfitter coming together to spur each other on throughout the session

Staff are always friendly and approachable, and will always make time to assist you with your queries and offer advice.

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